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Whether we like to believe it or not – but first impression matters. An important tenet in creating a favorable first impression is to record a professional voice mail response. Besides creating a positive impression, voice mail also becomes important for rapport building among clients and through interactive voice response (IVR) as a form of transferring mechanism towards the respective department in a business. Professional Voiceover Services

The importance of voice mail recordings – In the book titled “The Telecom Handbook: Understanding Telephone Systems and Services” Jane Laino reports that 75% of all business calls are not completed on the first attempt. The author also reports that 66% of the calls are less important that the on-going work they interrupt. Citing the importance of voice mail recording in saving time, the author also points out that the average time spent on a telephone call is 3.4 minutes while that on voice mail messages is 43 seconds. 

Owing to the importance of Professional voice recording , this article provides a brief guide on how to record professional voice mails and also serves as a guide on how a voice recording services work. Let’s look at some tips that will help you in creating the best recordings:

1. Write down the greeting: A solid script is a good place to begin at. Begin with a mission statement, a jovial greeting, or a favorite quote that will set the mood up. Writing the greeting helps in the further elaboration of the branches that the IVR leads towards.
2. Try to keep it short: The initial greeting should be short. Long greetings generally bore the customer out – try to keep it concise and clear. If more information is needed you can always direct the call towards customer support, or inquire department, or even to the company or personal website.
3. Smiling – Smiling during recording implicitly expresses to the listener about your jovial mood. Research conducted at the University of Portsmouth points out that listeners can identify the type and intent of a smile based on sound alone.
4. Keeping ambient noises to minimal – Ambient noises hurt the message you are trying to relay with the recording. A clear, crisp, and concise message goes a long way to advance your rapport among the clientele base. Recording in a professional setting (with professional equipment) is the best way to ensure that noises are kept at a minimum.
5. Keep updating – Keep in mind all the tips mentioned above one can work towards achieving the best voice mail recording. However, to keep it fresh and keep it riveting one can frequently update the recording.
6. Using professional voice recording – Professional voice over recording Services might seem like an easy task – since most of us can speak. However, sometimes, despite our best efforts recordings often result in unexpected results. In such instances, the best can be derived through professional voice mail recording services. Professional voice recording allows for the following benefits:
    a. Professional voice over artists: are here to fulfill all of your linguistic taste, request, and portrayals including dialect, pitch, tone, and gender. 
    b. Professional set up: Well-equipped studio with provisions for jingles, sound engineers, and translators allows for widening the scope of the recordings.