One of my favorite songs is Here For You by Eyedea.

We're all born into this river without knowing how to swim
And eventually we learn how to keep this water under our chins

The analogy that life is a river stuck with me ever since hearing this for the first time. We're floating through the river of life, at first, with no tools to navigate the river, or to change our course. Over time, we might have learned how to swim - or to avoid certain obstacles in life. For some, the river may have been shallower, and at times they may have been able to walk.

I titled this blog "Poisoned River" because, through actions entirely my own, I've poisoned my river. It might take years to clean it up, but I'm increasingly becoming more determined to put the work in and clean this mess up.

Rivers are also not straight, and unless you find yourself in a relatively stable current, you might hit the shores or find yourself stuck. In this case, I offer you this, from the same song:

But all the pain we experience is a result of our expectations
Because it's the rivers nature to twist and turn
The shit can burn
And I know it
I have the same conflict

It's impossible to set a course on a river you've never seen a map of before. Sure, you could just follow the river, that's how most of us begin. Only until after experiencing the river itself for sometime can we truly begin to understand it and set realistic expectations.

As the blog's description states, I'm not entirely sure what will come of this blog, if anything at all. I can't say for sure I'll be back. Stay tuned, if you want.