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Broke trans girl, living in a squat in Rotterdam, working on decentralising the internet.


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a.k.a. coderobe (EN/DE)

Chaos, Confusion, Cuddling, & Computer things. HI!!!
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literally a riot girl

mom friend, also

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I love technology and music. Mostly splitting my time between Minnesota and Seoul at the moment. Professionally, I'm a web developer and I work remote.

I also run this instance

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Free software and infosec junkie.

hambibleibt #riseup4Rojava

I am a forest trying to survive near an open-pit coal-mine. For seven years human animals live and fight here, for #climatejustice & against fossil-fuelled #RWE

ultimape 🐜💩 💛

Creativity, insight, and questionable poots.
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Mostly talking to myself, or others who think like me.


Programmer, security researcher and intellectual.

lil' tankie ☭

Communist, programmer, and vegetarian. #Lemmy lead developer, admin of, running various news bots.

I post about politics a lot.


Queer Anarchism


queer human bean, napalm-headed moron, always tired, will meow at you (please meow back)